Quality Statement

Steeltek, Inc. has a quality commitment to produce products that will be designed and fabricated in strict adherence to the job specifications and good industry practice. All items fabricated by Steeltek, Inc. and stamped with an “S” or “U” stamp will comply in every respect with Section I or Section VIII, Division I of the ASME Code. All repairs and alterations shall be “R” stamped in accordance with the NBIC and/or any jurisdictional requirements. All material shall be in accordance with Section II of ASME code. All NDT shall be in accordance with ASME Section VIII. All NDT personnel shall be certified to SNT-TC-1A.

Steeltek Inspection department consists of the Quality Control Manager, Document Control, Shop Inspection, Receiving Inspection and Final Shipping Inspection. We have the capability to perform the following NDT in house: UT, MT, PT, and RT Film interpretation. All other NDT will be performed by an appointed Level 3 NDT company. We maintain on staff qualified personnel to perform inspections in all departments. We have a combined 71 years’ experience currently on staff in the Quality Control Department. It is the goal of Steeltek to build and ship the highest quality products in the industry.

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